Promote happiness at work to induce the success of organizations We all know that when we smile at other persons, we help to brighten their day, making that day better and happier. However most people ignore that smiling is also good for them? Smiling lifts our mood, smoothes wrinkles and adds color to our face, makes us more attractive and full of energy to face another day.

Smiling increases productivity since smiling while working increases energy levels, attracts favorable attention from managers and colleagues making us individually and collectively more effective in performing our tasks, taking us even to exceed our expectations.

Organizational leaders have demonstrated a growing concern about the performance of its human capital, noting that in addition to the skills, knowledge potential employees, profiles with character and values aligned with the organization, there is another determining factor to the achievement of professional success: happiness.

There is no doubt that happy and satisfied employees are more willing to go beyond the basic requirement of their job, having more willingly, more willingness to help others, contributing constructively daily and devoting themselves to their own development within the organization.

Positive emotions and good mood are the main drivers for the creation of an organizational climate inducer of success.

Recognizing this reality, and being aware of the great impact that clothing has on human happiness, JOBS - Workwear has developed its activity since 1988 with the aim of making Corporate Wear an added value for its customers by promoting satisfaction by improving individual and organizational climate.

The design, comfort, color, customer's image and technical know-how are elements of distinction, which allow Jobs to be the only workwear company awarded by the Portuguese Design Centre.

The elegance, design and quality at competitive prices are our brand image, and nothing motivates us more than continue to surprise with our innovative and unconventional products, seeking to bring elegance and comfort to all times of the daily journey.

In all work, the same premise: "Happiness in the job puts perfection in the work" - Aristotle


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